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Check Your Email for Your Meal Plan!

Fit Women

Need A Workout Plan?


12 Week Fitness & Nutrition Challenge!

Lose 5-35lbs in the Next 12 Weeks

Now Accepting Applications

It's time to get your life back under control. Lose weight, get in shape and be on track BEFORE January 1st.

Program opens for enrollment Wed. 11.18.

Get the meal plans, workouts and most importantly, ACCOUNTABILITY you need to make your body dreams come true.

Program is lead by Coach Cailah, a 14 year fitness & nutrition expert who'se goal is to truly help you Design Your Body.


Coach Cailah is not only a fitness and nutrition specialist, but also she is a dedicated motivator who is committed to her clients' personal successes--big and small. Cailah is very knowledgeable about nutrition and is committed to being a lifelong learner to better herself and provide the tools for greater results for her clients. I am so glad I chose her to help me along this journey of wellness and holistic transformation. It has been worth every drop of effort! With every session with Coach Cailah, I become stronger, healthier, and happier.



Very knowledgeable about every aspect of exercise and healthy eating. You will love your outcome if you follow Coach Cailah!



I have worked with Cailah off and on for almost two years and I love the way that she coaches. She is knowledgeable, open, motivating, and creative when it comes to keeping her clients on task. If you are looking for someone to tell it like it is and provide the tools required for success, I’d recommend reaching out to Coach Cailah. Design Your Body!


I signed up with Coach Callahan for an entire year! What an awesome and successful year I had. Her online app was excellent. It made it easy to follow and log my exercise routine while in the gym. I loved the exercises, they definitely challenged me. She also sent personal messages at times that kept me motivated via the app and through email. Best of all I lost 40 plus pounds with Coach Cailah. I will never regret this experience and I’m privileged to recommend her and her company to the world.



OMG! Coach Cailah's program is absolutely everything! My goal wasn't to lose a bunch of weight, I wanted to gain weight and build muscle and she worked with me on my nutrition and built a specific workout plan that pushed me towards my goal. I've built about 7.8lbs of muscle, I look great, am much stronger than when I started and my friends are noticing. I highly recommend her program. If you want to see results without the BS, you need to sign up.



Workouts are going well! Core and upper body are my weakness so my butts getting kicked haha. But it’s paying off! 2 more pounds off this past week woohoo! Only a few pounds away from 30lb fat loss!

Hear From Real Clients

Golden Star

12 Week


12 Week Fitness & Nutrition Challenge

Have you been looking for a way to lose that stubborn weight? Join now and lose 5-35lbs in the next 12 weeks.

What Comes With It?

  • 12-week workout program with workout videos and exercise demonstrations

  • 6 full week of interchangeable meal plans (3 for low carb, 3 for low fat)

  • Weekly Zoom Group Health Check-In to check in on progress, review habit changes, support, accountability and general questions (to be scheduled after enrollment).

  • Personalized results tracking of progress photos, that pesky number on the scale, circumferences, strength etc.

  • Mobile app and Desktop login where plans and info are hosted and tracked.

  • T-Shirt


Dec Enrollment Applications Open Now 
20 Spaces only 
Day 1 workout starts Monday, Nov 30th.

$197 **** Payment Plan option available! Complete this form to see what they are

Program Specifics

What this challenge is:
* A group challenge
* Beginner-Intermediate virtual workout program
* General meal plan based around 1300 calories 
* Group fitness & motivation therapy
* A fitness challenge where we want you to succeed
* 12-week workout program for either home or gym-based workouts

What this challenge is not:
* 1-1 virtual training (contact me to upgrade for this)
* Personalized workout program specific to individual needs, injuries, characteristics etc. (contact me to upgrade for this)
* Personalized meal plan (contact me to upgrade for this)

Who this program is for:
* Beginner-Intermediate level exercisers
* Those interested in schedules and fitness strategy
* Those who want to lose 5-35lbs
* Those who want to kick start their weight loss
* Those who actually want to change!

Laura W.B.

Laura W.B.

Lost 23lbs



Lost 32lbs



Fatima lost 47lbs



Lost 43lbs



Lost 14lbs



Lost 14lbs



Lost 6lbs

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