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Fat Loss Workout Plans

Join the Training Club.

Progressive fat loss & muscle toning

Workout Plans + Nutrition Coaching


Never be confused about what to do in the gym anymore!

- A Program Built For Results -


What is The Training Club?

Early in my career I created a progressive overload training system that I've perfected over the past decade. The Training Club is packaged and built from this system.

The Training Club is a serious of progressive fat loss and muscle toning workout plans which pair perfectly with monthly nutrition coaching directly with Coach Cailah.  


How Does it Work?
Training Club workouts are built for 4 days in the gym with my proprietary combination of cardio, muscle endurance and muscle building exercises to help you lose fat, build muscle, and uncover that sexy body you've always wanted. 


What Do I Get?

  • Monthly gym-based workout plan (best for beginners - intermediate exercises).

  • Results tracking of progress photos, body weight, circumferences, strength etc.

  • Fitness and Exercise testing & results tracking.

  • Mobile app and Desktop login where all of your plans and info are hosted and tracked.

  • ***Two-way messaging system to message directly with Coach Cailah. Send pictures, videos etc!

  • ***Monthly Nutrition Coaching/Assessment directly with Coach Cailah

  • ***Custom calorie & macro creation


Wanna See Inside??


Get My Workout Plan

Subscribe and create your account, download the app to gain instant access. Desktop login is available for those who prefer  it well 

  1. Interactive workout logging

  2. Results Tracking

  3. Helpful Coaching Documents & Videos

  4. Discounts on future services

New Monthly Programs


This workout program is created to grow and progress on a monthly basis. We'll start off with building a foundation of musclular health and total body endurance, then phasically progress to toning, tightening and bringing sexy back. Workouts are created using typicall equipment you'll find at most gyms. 

  1. New and proressive workouts delivered automatically each motth

  2. 3-4 workouts per week

  3. New workouts will be deivered  4 weeks from when you sign up


App Integrations


We also integrate with the most popular calorie trackers on the planet!  Good thing for you is that Coach Cailah is obsessed with tracking data and she's provided a seemless way to keep all information in one place.

  1. MyFitnessPal

  2. FitBit

  3. MyZone

Desktop Dashboard


There are no more excuses! This program is built to help crush fitness goals!

desktop dashboard.JPG

Schedule your strategy session below to speak with Coach Cailah and get started

- No contracts - No hidden fees - No BS

Disclaimer: Not associated with Facebook and follows facebook rules for No promises or guarantees of any kind.

Copyright: Coach Cailah Enterprises 2020

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