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My Biggest Weight Loss Trick

I haven't always been thin or in shape. There was a time in my life where I was made fun of by my size. Ironically, that really shaped my future. Most people don't know I've struggled with my weight.... Most people wouln't think this, or even that I've had self-esteem issues. They just assume I never had to work for my body or my happiness. But these are my truths. I used to hate when my thighs rubbed together so hard they made that swishing noise and I hated that my belly stuck out more than my chest! Ugh!

I searched for an answer to my secret pain.

Now that I've learned and studied, I know the simplest and easiest answer to a pain that I shared with so many others. 

Eat Less and Move More? Its not that simple. any people, myself included, can't maintain this lifestyle and it can become dangerous fr your hormones and general health. Look at examples like Oprah's rollercoaster weight loss, as well as many people on "The Biggest Loser". Eating less and moving more is a temporary fix, but for most, the weight does return. For many people calorie reductions are the smallest part of the issue. It's more metaboic, hormonal and chemical than a simple calorie in vs calorie out.

Low Fat Diet? This thought probably ranks among the worst nutrition styles that have ever come to light. Yes, we want to lose fat, but it's not as simple as thinking "If I put less fat in, I'll burn more fat and wont store it!" The God that created your body is a bit more complex than that! Your Brain is 60% fat! Twenty-five percent of this is cholesterol and other lipids. So why in the world would I want to restrict feeding my body and my brain what it is primarily made out of??? Think of your hormones and cells; these are all fat, water and protein. Once again, why would I restict what my body is made up of? But my friends I'll tell you. I've found the answer! 

Go Low Carb!

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In the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.), most AMericans are consuming 300-500g carbs/day! Thats literally 1200-2000cals/day in just carbohydrates. Why is this terrible? Well carbs raise blood sugar, releasing insulin with is the STORAGE HORMONE and are stored in the body as glycogen for use later. When your body doesn't use it, then carbs are covnerted and stored as fat. When carbs are consumed with fat (oils, animal fat, plant fats, choesterols, transfats), the mechanism trigfered by the carb consumption insulin, will then store that consumed fat as straight fat right along with glycogen.


Fat doesn't make you fat, carbs do! If you reduce the amount of carbs you consume, you'll put your body in position to first release the carbs, water and other toxins you've stored up over the years. Once this excess is released, your body can now naturally burn its excess stored fat! So, I hope you take this knowledge and apply it to your life because I promise it will help you!


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