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Setting Weight Loss Goals


Today, I’m going to teach you 4 steps to “get your vision in check” in

Everyone knows that when you start a task, you're not going to achieve it from one day to the next, and that it takes time.

But the question is, how much can you endure until it’s your time?

Or will you quit before you can taste success? Are you really that soft?

Well, you don’t have to be!

Here are my 4 steps to Creating a vision that will not let you fail.

Kyle Randolph Bacon

1.Set the Vision

In order to be successful, you absolutely MUST set a goal and a vision.

We walk around just living our lives with half purposes!

  • I’m a preacher and want to lead a flock, but you can’t even lead yourself in self discipline towards your own health!

  • I’m a business consultant, but your own personal relationships suck!

We claim to have and to be so many things, but we are only half of what we could be if our nutrition and/or fitness is lacking.

Your health is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU OWN. Don’t get it twisted!


Write your vision down, whether it is weight loss, getting off medication, lowering your A1C, or even having your 6 pack pop!

Having clarity of sight will make your goal that much more of a reality and that much easier to achieve, because now we can plan for it.

2. Expose Your Weaknesses

This is probably the biggest challenge we have.

Looking ourselves in the mirror and pointing out where we fall short.

We don’t like seeing ourselves as less than. We don’t like feeling exposed.

But you are the 1 person who should do this for yourself

Find where you are weakest and create a plan to become stronger in those areas!

3. Set A Deadline

A goal without a plan is nothing more than a wish!

Stop wishing upon a star and doing nothing to make it happen.

I had a lady contact me and tell me she wanted me to help her lose 80lbs! and I asked her, “how motivated are you to make this happen?”

Her response: “not really” – THAT BURNS ME!

SO until you’re ready, you’ll have an aimless wish that cannot be achieved.

Now that you have a set vision, create a deadline that will force you to be successful.

  • If you want to run your first race, sign up for a competition

  • You want to lose weight, have an end date like a wedding or vacation that you’ve already paid for.

4.Little Victories

Celebrate your success! Every small step forward takes you a little closer to your goal, and that deserves praise.

Now, don’t celebrate with self-destructive habits, but something that will still push you towards success.

You should have 3-4 little victories that you need to achieve between your start and your deadline.

  • If you want to drop your A1C from an 11 to the end goal of 5, your first little victory should be when your doctor tells you it’s a 9!


My name is coach Cailah and I’m a realist. I’m going to teach you the tools you need, whether mental, physical or emotional, on how to be successful towards your goals.

Some people think I’m tough, some people think I’m intimidating, when in reality, I’m just dedicated towards making my goals come to life, and that is what it takes!

You have to be willing to say that NOTHING CAN GET IN MY WAY!

And of course, I’m here to help you. My goal is to help you DESIGN YOUR BODY.

If you really want to change, if you’re really ready to make your goals come to life join my coaching programs below starting at just $25/month!

Join me here!:

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