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A New Concept in Fitness

I presented my thesis statement (7 years ago) on what I call “Dynamic Instability”. Creating new words or terms is difficult in my field of research unless you are a “big wig”, but I stuck to my guns an proved my point.

Dynamic Instability: the ability to maintain balance, control and strength through unstable movements.

How can this help you?

Well, we overlook things such as balance and disregard them as unimportant and not a tool to assist us with weight loss, strength/muscle gain or optimal health. If you think this way, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Focusing on movements that force your body to maintain stability through multiple joint ranges of motion will:

*A – keep joints healthy, decrease joint inflammation and challenge old injuries/scar tissue.

*B – strengthen your core using unpredictable movement patterns which will lead to the decreased chance of low back pain, and increase the opportunity of gaining a 6 pack while strengthening deeper postural muscles.

*C – Strengthen minor muscle groups that aren’t targeted during your typical exercises as well as increase calorie burn due to the amount of energy and increased muscles firing during these movements.

Of course, you don’t have to do a barbell hang snatch into a stationary lunge to create a Dynamic Instability, that’s just my choice. But overhead movements are a great start. Start off with either a light barbell or heavy dumbbell and walk forwards and backwards for about 20 paces each or 10 steps each leg each way.

In order to Design Your Body, you must first build a great foundation.

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Comment below to let me know what you think!!!!

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