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Danger; Type 2 Diabetes,

If you know me, you know I'm a no nonsense kind of girl and I don't allow personal excuses to get in my way of any goal, particularly dealing with my or even your health. Through my years of study, I've developed a few specialties, or areas of interest to me. Of course, you know one to be weight loss, and the other to be athletic performance. I know, two completely opposite ends of the spectrum smh... When dealing with weight loss, the accumulated fat is only the symptom of a deeper issue, and it's my job to figure out what the underlying issue is. So, the main question is, why are you gaining weight? Why are your lifestyle choices leading towards obesity? Is there something deeper going on that you may not be aware of?

Truth be told, you are probably closer to Diabetes than you think.

When you go to doctor, they check your insulin levels. Well, insulin is a reaction to the issue of high blood glucose. Why do doctors check the result, and not the levels of the exact problem (too much glucose). If you have grown up like me, on kool-aid, carbs with every meal, oatmeal ever morning, sugary deserts every night... Then you grow up and do the same thing, but the bad thing is that it's amplified! Sugary alcoholic drinks, decadent deserts, pastas, breads, starches, grains, fruit smoothies EVERY SINGLE DAY! Don't you think your body will begin to fail at clearing out all that excess glucose?

The point is, if you don't have it now, or haven't been checked in a while, you are probably right along the cusp of Type 2 Diabetes because of how we eat and live on a daily basis. My video above explains how to CURE DIABETES.

Diabetes is a choice, and you don't have to live in it.

I have a personal vendetta against the causes of obesity, particularly Diabetes because they run ravenously through America and more specifically, the African American populations. Here's your opportunity to protect yourself, and save someone else. Watch and Share!

Do you need help managing your diabetes with proper nutrition and weight loss??

Let me help you! Schedule your Strategy Session here:

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