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Advice for Your Monday

Be Proud.

coach cailah 2018

I think we as a people have lost our true sense of purpose and pride. We wake up, regular; Go to work, regular; And give excuses as to why we've let our bodies go.... regular. Then we eat our sorrows away with insane amounts of high carbs, transfats, sugars and processed meats. Food is the easy way out, its the easy way to feel we are in control. We over consume simply because no one is going to tell us no, because we are in control of allowing ourselves that temporary pleasure. Well, I'm here to tell you NO! Where is your pride? Where is your sense of self-advancement and achievement? How long are you going to let your life remain, regular? Get up and advance yourself. Be better for yourself! Stop satisfying your temporary want with a slow acting poison. Be proud. Have a standard for your body. You know your belly should not be that big, and better yet, YOU KNOW IT DOESN'T HAVE TO! You know you can do better, so stop settling and change your life, change your health and DESIGN YOUR BODY! Stop settling for where you are as if it is okay. Get up and change. Be proud of who you are, and show it by taking control of your health!

Do you need help getting back on track with your fitness and/or nutrition? LET ME HELP YOU Make your choice below telling me what you need help with most. Shoot me an email at letting me know if you need the most help in fitness, nutrition or both!


Coach Cailah

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