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Secret Tactics

Coach Cailah Secret #57

Activity Trackers

When searching for an activity tracker, make sure it has these functions (things beyond just counting steps). Enjoy the read! 1. Heart Rate Monitor Needed because counting steps just isn't enough. You may not know, but step counters count a certain level of vibration that happens when you step, and in some instances, move. You can be driving in the car, or on the bus and hit a few potholes, and suddenly, your step tracker has jumped by 50! lol Monitoring your heart rate will show when you are actually working harder or aren't just sitting in the car driving. Exercise professionals will use your heart rate to base your workout levels off of. This is so much more accurate for calorie expenditure goals. 2. Calorie Counter/Tracker (for how many calories you are burning, not eating) Just as stated above, steps aren't enough. If we can track how many calories your body burns during daily activity (both including and excluding exercise) you'll have a much higher chance of reaching your body goals. Many things are based on the criteria of your calories. How much you should eat, what you should eat, how hard/long you should exercise, and when you should back off of exercise for your goal of either weight loss, muscle gain or body maintenance. 3. The Ability to Set Your Own Physical Data You are not the standard, ideal or average person that many generic calculations are based on. If the specific parameters of age, gender, weight, (sometimes height), are not included, the algorithm that system uses isn't based on you. This will help you make sure you are actively working towards your personal body goals, and not someone else’s ;) -Coach Cailah

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