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My first official and intentional Keto meal! Portobello mushroom caps with grass fed beef, Coby Jack cheese, spinach and mayo. Fat doesn't make you fat! Coach Cailah Tip: The purpose of the Keto diet is to switch your body's main source of fuel from carbohydrates, to fat. But DONT BE FOOLED, it takes more than 1 meal, 1 workout and even 1 day to enter a true state of ketosis. Your Body must first, deplete it's blood glucose. Then it must deplete it's muscle and liver glycogen stores before the pancreas releases the fat burning hormone called glucagon which mobilizes triglycerides and free fatty acids to be broken down into ketone bodies and used as energy. In order to reach a state of ketosis, you must first burn through 1,400-2000 calories of stored muscle glycogen, then around 400 calories of stored liver glycogen, while taking in high fat, moderate protein and a low carb diet. Ways to Speed Up Reaching Ketosis:

  1. Hiit - this style of training burns almost pure carbs and little fat.

  2. Caffeine - breaks down stored triglycerides and mobilizes fat in the blood stream.

  3. Eat healthy fat - forces your body to use blood sugar, and mobilizes stored glycogen to be used as energy until levels are low enough for fat to become the primary fuel source.

Want to find out what your Keto macros are? Use this Keto Macro calculator here:

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