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How To Maximize Your Weight Loss

Many people want to see results, whether those results are 5lb fat loss, 50lb fat loss or just building muscle. In order to see massive weight loss, there is a very specific combination of steps you need to follow in order to be successful.

Step 1: Exercise 3x/week, MINIMUM

The goal is 4-5 days per week, but if you are just getting started, this is a good way. Whether you attend an aerobics class or you hit the weights hard. You need to start off with a minimum of 3x/week for 1 hour each session.

Step 2: Achieve 150 minutes of cardio per week.

Cardio is extremely important! Outside, and in addition to your 3 minimum workout sessions per week, you should shoot towards getting an additional 150mins of cardio per week. You can break your 150mins down anyway you want. 150 minutes literally breaks down to 21 minutes a day! You can also do 2 days of 60 minute cardio and getting 10 minutes of cardio in after each of your workout sessions! This cardio will help you to burn the extra calories and drop the weight faster. Need a plan that kicks you into gear? Click here

Here are some forms of acceptable cardio: high intensity jogging, walking, swimming, biking, elliptical, hiking, sports etc. If you aren’t sweating, you aren’t going hard enough!

Step 3: Find The Nutrition Plan that Works for You

You should know by now that nutrition is a huge part of your overall health and wellness. Now that you are looking to see some changes in your body, you need to improve your nutrition. If you are confused by all the nutrition options, your fail-safe options will always be to focus on high protein, high healthy fats and tons of veggies. Simply stated, never under eat (even if you aren't hungry) and don't over eat on the wrong foods (sweets, carbs etc.) Protecting and monitoring your nutrition throughout the day will regulate your metabolism. Need a nutrition plan? Click here

Step 4: Do Your Best! No B.S.’ing, No Complaining.

Complaining will get you nowhere. You are here because you have a goal, and you must have it set in your mind that that goal is 100% attainable.

You can have a goal in your head, but you have to actually do it! None of this works if you don’t put forth the effort. You should be stumbling out of the gym daily because you’ve given it everything you’ve got. Leave satisfied knowing that you gave it your all, and watch your goal come closer and closer! Have a positive moral for yourself in reaching your goals. Success begins with positivity!

This will not work if you don’t push yourself. Don’t bullshit yourself. We believe in you, I believe in you; so let’s work together to see your goals come into fruition!

-Coach Cailah

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