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Re-Addicted to Carbs

How I Became Re-Addicted to Carbs

I’ve been Keto/Low Carb since January 2018 and loving it. I’ve lost 16lbs and stayed consistent at 139/140lbs for several months without even trying. I loved my body, my skin, my teeth, my mood… I loved my meal plan, and I loved my life. Everything was great! Then, the holidays rolled around. So First, it was Christmas… I went home to Cincinnati at 137lbs, still at my college track & field weight due to my powerlifting competition on Dec 8th. I didn’t intend to eat a lot, and I sure intended to workout while I was home. But, let me tell you what happened...

Dad, who is supposed to be Keto with me, made this cake… OMG this cake! It was called Owie Gooey Butter Cake (seriously, look it up). And, it was as the name suggested! It tasted like a melty chocolate chip cookie, but instead of chocolate chips, he had pineapples, blueberries and powdered sugar. O…M…G…

I honestly ate at least half the pan between during my stay (only 2.5 days!!!). Between this cake, cookies and alcohol, my diet died a slow and painful death while my taste buds rejoiced. My diet didn’t die quietly, It made an announcement to my love handles, flab on my arms and the overall weight on the scale. It loudly screamed, “it’s time to expand!” When I returned to Columbus, I knew I needed to check my weight. I went home for 2.5 days and gained 4lbs!!!! Next, my birthday happened on Dec 31 (cheesecake, potatoes, French fries, ice cream, margaritas, chips…), and I jumped up to 144lbs, damn near overnight!.

You might be shaking your head and judging my weight like it’s nothing, but, just check this: Me, as a fitness and nutrition professional gained 7lbs in 7 days, when it took me months to get it off. A 7lbs weight gain is a real gain.

Clearly, I left my low carb lifestyle for the holidays and not only do I feel heavier, but now I’ve got a jiggle when I walk! OMG The jiggle is back!!! And worse, I actually crave carbs! I haven’t craved ice cream in months, and now its honestly hard to say “no”. I want something sweet all the time and my discipline is lacking. I’d rather go out to eat than cook, snack on treats than eat healthy and I just realized, I’m an addict! I know I’m not the only one reading this feeling this way. All of us are used to feeling like “butt” after the holidays and we get a temporary spurt of energy and ride the New Years’ wave until we get bored. Then, we fall back on the same destructive track come February and Valentine’s Day.

If you struggled like I did this past Holiday Season... I want to help you get back to your physical greatness. No more temporary wave riding; I want to help you change your life and truly Design Your Body. If you know me, you know I love helping people as much as I can. So, here’s my honest plan to Design MY Body. Here is the 3-step process I’m going to use to get my life back on track, and get my real 6 pack back!

  • 14 Day Detox, Intermittent Fasting and Keto, (Get the exact plan here)

  • Long cardio sessions (on upper body days) mixed with HIIT (on lower body days) and,

  • Strength training to rebuild for my next powerlifting competition in March.

We’re in this together. Whether you decide to go Low Carb or just live better, it’s going to be you and I on this road together.

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Get the plan here!:

I hope this helps!!

Coach Cailah

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