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Ketogenic Nutrition and Workout Challenge (Self-Guided)

Ketogenic Nutrition and Workout Challenge (Self-Guided)


You may have heard a lot about it, or nothing at all, but now is your chance to try a true Ketogenic Diet with health and fitness professional Coach Cailah.  Answer the following questions to help with pre-screening you for this upcoming  Nutrition and fitness challenge.


Challenge will begin Monday March 5th


Challenge will include 
* Informational Worksheet on Ketosis, it's goals, function and purpose
* 4 week workout plan (best if you have a gym membership)
* 4 week Ketogenic Meal Plan
* 4 week grocery list
* Access to our online call Design Your Body Academy
* Access to our Fitness community

  • Important Things


    ******** This is a generalized Ketogenic Nutrition plan. IT IS NOT CATERED TO YOUR SPECIFIC BODY in terms of calories etc. This program is built to be 70% Fat, 20% protein and 10% carbs while all meal plans will average 2100 calories (right in the midline for men and women). So Men, feel free to add more on your portions, and women, feel free to reduce portions if you need to. More specific information about this will be found in your app COACHING > ATTACHMENTS.

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