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Online Personal Training 

Nutrition Coaching

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Design Your Body Academy is Coach Cailah's intimate coaching platform. The Academy is a metaphorical "school" where she coaches, teaches and elevates clients and members choosing to engage her directly.

Custom Fitness Training & Nutrition Coaching

Welcome to Design Your Body Academy

Elite 1-1 Custom Training Program Basics


​All Elite Programs come with the following Coaching Package:

  • Weekly Virtual Strategy Sessions to check in on your progress, review habit changes, support, accountability and general questions.

  • Personalized results tracking of progress photos, body weight, circumferences, strength etc.

  • Mobile app and Desktop login where all of your plans and info are hosted and tracked.

  • Two-way messaging system to speak directly with your coach. Send pictures, videos etc!

Elite Personal Training & Fitness Coaching

In addition to the Program Basics

• Custom workout plan consisting of 3-5 workouts per week created for your body, your gym and your goals.

• Progressive Exercise Tracking = You have no choice but to improve!

• Monthly Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscle Endurance, Muscle Strength & Body Composition Testing.

Elite Nutrition Coaching & Meal Strategy

In addition to the Program Basics

• Custom meal plans every week.

• Full 7 day nutrition assessment (performed every 3 months)
• Custom calorie & macro creation.
• Diet Breakdown.

• Nutrition Coaching, Teaching & Education

Elite Fitness & Nutrition Combo

In addition to the Program Basics

•The perfect marriage between fitness, nutrition and professional coaching!

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