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Coach Cailah and Design You Body


14 Day Fitness Challenge

We've all got goals! Lets start January out with solid workouts and build the consistency we'll need to get through the year. Together, we can Design Your Body!

Starting January 8th, train with Coach Cailah and start your year off right.

When does it start?

  • January 8th, but sign up now, because registration will close.

Who is this for?

  • Beginner - Intermediate exercisers who have goals and looking to start a solid exercise routine. 

What type of workouts?

  • Workouts to get you moving! You'll have 4 workouts per week geared towards teaching beginner movements and proper technique all while kicking your butt and making you sweat.

What if I have an injury or special situation?

  • You can always modify a particular exercise or skip it all together. As long as you are keeping proper notes, Coach Cailah can help you progress regardless of your injury?

  • You can always join the Elite 1-1 Personal Training Club so Coach Cailah can write a program specifically for you! Click here to join.

What all do I get?

  • Access to my personal fitness app with an accompanying Desktop Login

  • Online fitness portfolio to track workouts, weight and progress

  • Two week workout plan
  • Two-way messaging app to speak directly with Coach Cailah
  • Private Facebook Group for group questions, answers, videos, support, etc

Prize Winners!

  • 30-minute FREE Nutrition Strategy Session call with me :) (a $99 value)

  • Free 3-month access to my signature training program, Elite 1-1 Personal Training, all about how to build your online empire! (a $600 value)

  • Free 2-month access to Design Your Body Academy ($50 value)

  • 1 signed copies of my book, Design Your Body: Your Guide to Cutting Through The Fat (a $50 value)


Whats the cost?

  • $5..... Literally only $5. 

Whats the Catch?

  • You've got to put in the work boo!

Why Join Coach Cailah?

  • Black owned and operated

  • She actually cares about your health and your goals

  • Coach is extremely responsive and is a real person working directly with you

  • What better way to work on your goals? Even if it is in addition to a personal trainer and gym membership

  • Dude, it's only $5!

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